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Barnacre Road

Primary School

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Working Hard, Trying our Best, Having Fun

Who's Who

Headteacher: Simon Wallis

(EVC Leader, Child Protection Leader, RE Subject Leader, MFL Subject Leader)


Deputy Headteacher: Fiona Heppenstall

(Year 5 Class Teacher: see below)

EYFS Staff

Owlets Room Leader

Jenna Greenwood


Nursery Teacher

Rachael Lupton


Reception Teacher 

Ruth Burton  (EYFS Manager and PSHE Subject Leader)



Key Stage One Teachers

Year 1 Class Teacher

Adelle Hetherington (Science Subject Leader)


Year 2 Class Teacher

Andrea Mellor (SENCO and Geography Subject Leader)


Key Stage Two Teachers

Year 3 Class Teacher

Stephen Archer (Computing Subject Leader and PE Subject Leader)


Year 4 Class Teacher

Samantha Mosley (English Subject Leader, Music Subject Leader and Staff Training Leader)


Year 5 Class Teacher

Fiona Heppenstall (Assessment Leader, Art Subject Leader, DT Subject Leader)


Year 6 Class Teacher

William Walton (Maths & History Subject Leader)



Business Manager: Catherine Newman
Administration Assistant: Sarah Walmsley



Support Assistants

Catherine Barrow (Higher Level Professional)

Julie Anderton, Seema Singh, Jackie Eccles, Becky Dexter, Sarah Cooper, Jannine Arundale and Victoria Hewson-Hughes

Support Assistants in EYFS 

Karen Leaver, Diane Smith, Ellie Winder and Dempsey Rawlinson


Site Supervisor

Andrew Wallbank


Lunchtime Supervisors

Matthew Proctor, Sarah Cooper, Samantha Newby

Victoria Hewson-Hughes, Samantha Dean, Neiley Barr, Ellie Bennett


School Cook

Charlotte Brown