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Barnacre Road

Primary School

Applications for September 2024 Nursery admissions are welcome and Barn Owl (before and after school childcare) booking form for 2024/25 is available via the website

Working Hard, Trying our Best, Having Fun

Who's Who


Executive Headteacher: Sue Farrimond


Deputy Headteacher: Jess Ormerod


Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion & Safeguarding):  Andrea Mellor

EYFS Staff

Nursery Leader

Jenna Greenwood


Reception Teacher 

Rachael Lupton



Key Stage One Teachers

Year 1 Class Teacher

Andrea Mellor / Cat Barrow



Year 2 Class Teacher

Jess France


Key Stage Two Teachers

Year 3 Class Teacher

Andrew Wade 


Year 4 Class Teacher

Samantha Mosley (Senior Teacher)


Year 5 Class Teacher

Jo Rushin


Year 6 Class Teacher

Jess Ormerod 





Business Manager: Catherine Newman
Administration Assistant: Sarah Walmsley



Support Assistants

Seema Singh, Becky Dexter, Sarah Cooper, Sanah Khan, Jannine Arundale, Diane Worden and Dr.Victoria Hewson-Hughes

Support Assistants in EYFS 

Karen Leaver,  Ellie Bennett, Nel Barr, Jennifer John-Baptiste, Ellie Winder and Emily Sharpe


Site Supervisor

Andrew Wallbank


Lunchtime Supervisors

Matthew Procter, Samantha Newby

Nel Barr, Joanne Lamont, Qiao Yu, Sanah Khan,  Pamela Dewhurst, Emily Sharpe,


Barn Owl Supervisors

Sarah Cooper, Jenna Greenwood


Barn Owl Assistants

Phillippa Billington, Abbie Jackson, Lindsey Lowe, Atchara Ornchawiang, Matthew Procter, Emily Sharpe, Kara Smith, Rebecca Studley


Catering Team

Charlotte Brown, Lindsey Lowe, Jill Sumner



Colin Murrell, Atchara Ornchawiang, Evgeniia Evdokimova,

There are no members of staff at Barnacre Road Primary School with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

No staff are union representatives for the academic year 2023/24.