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Barnacre Road

Primary School

School breaks up on Tuesday, 20 July at normal time and we return on Thursday, 2 September...............Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Working Hard, Trying our Best, Having Fun

Who's Who

Headteacher: Simon Wallis

(EVC Leader, Child Protection Leader, RE Subject Leader, MFL Subject Leader)


Deputy Headteacher: Fiona Heppenstall

(Year 5 Class Teacher: see below)

EYFS Staff

Owlets Room Leader

Catherine Barrow (Higher Level Professional)


Nursery Teacher

Rachael Lupton


Reception Teacher 

Ruth Burton  (EYFS Manager and PSHE Subject Leader)



Key Stage One Teachers

Year 1 Class Teacher

Adelle Hetherington (Science Subject Leader)


Year 2 Class Teacher

Andrea Mellor (SENCO and Geography Subject Leader)


Key Stage Two Teachers

Year 3 Class Teacher

Stephen Archer (Computing Subject Leader and PE Subject Leader)


Year 4 Class Teacher

Samantha Mosley (English Subject Leader, Music Subject Leader and Staff Training Leader)


Year 5 Class Teacher

Fiona Heppenstall (Assessment Leader, Art Subject Leader, DT Subject Leader)


Year 6 Class Teacher

William Walton (Maths & History Subject Leader)



School Secretary: Catherine Newman

Administration Assistant: Sarah Walmsley



Support Assistants

Julie Anderton, Sue Berry, Seema Singh, Jackie Eccles, Becky Dexter, Sarah Cooper, Jannine Arundale and Debbie Faraday

Support Assistants in EYFS 

Karen Leaver, Diane Smith, Jenna Greenwood and Ellie Winder


School Caretaker

Susan Metcalf


Lunchtime Supervisors

Matthew Proctor, Janinne Arundale, Sarah Cooper, Samantha Newby

Victoria Hewson-Hughes, Katrina Howard, Samantha Dean, Neiley Barr


School Cook

Dawn Davis