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Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day - Thank you for your donations ... £144.60 raised ....

Working Hard, Trying our Best, Having Fun

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Pupil Voice - Roald Dahl Dream Jars

Caroll Diagrams

Caroll Diagrams  1
Caroll Diagrams  2
Caroll Diagrams  3

Computing In Year 1

To start with we play a game called Robot Pupil where the children paired up and gave one another precise directional instructions to get from A to B. Then we separated out into small groups to complete a series of tasks. The children worked well in small groups to practice their programming skills.


The children really succeeded in this session and started the process of becoming computing wiz kids!


If your child would like to practice these skills further visit the website below and let them explore!



Maths Madness

Maths Madness 1
Maths Madness 2
Maths Madness 3
Maths Madness 4
Maths Madness 5
Maths Madness 6
Maths Madness 7
Maths Madness 8
Maths Madness 9
Maths Madness 10
Maths Madness 11
Maths Madness 12
Every Friday we set out activities for the children to practice what they have been learning in maths that week. The children love the challenge of trying out their ideas in a fun and interactive environment. They are always so proud of what they can do and enjoy praising each other.

Environment Day September 2017

Bulb Planting

Leaf Kebabs

Fairy Houses/Tipi

Autumn Clay Trees

Hedgehog House Making



What at a busy couple of days. The children all launched themselves into every activity with enthusiasm and positivity. Thank you to all of the parents a relatives who came to see the children's work last Friday. The children were so excited to show you their creations.