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Working Hard, Trying our Best, Having Fun

Class Activities

There's a Buzz in Year 2!

We have been learning about bees!  Finding out about pollination and what amazing insects bees are!  We have made our own short videos too.  We hope you enjoy them!

Following our learning, sowing seeds and growing plants this term, our environment day has helped us to understand how plants can make out lives better, as well as encourage wildlife, build habitats and make the area a lovely place to be! Great team work has been shown by all the class with a big change to our outdoor area!  Well done Year 2!

We even made a rap to help us remember how to grow and care for plants!

The Plant Rap

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Environment Days - May

We've had lots of fun in our pyjamas today!  We were also lucky enough to have a visit from 10 month old Grace.  She entertained us all whilst we learnt about the things she can and cannot do.  This helped us to understand how we have grown, changed and developed from being babies to now being six and seven years old! 

Visit from 10 month old Grace

Visit from 10 month old Grace 1
Visit from 10 month old Grace 2
Visit from 10 month old Grace 3
Visit from 10 month old Grace 4
Visit from 10 month old Grace 5
Visit from 10 month old Grace 6
Visit from 10 month old Grace 7
As part of our SRE week, we have been learning about basic hygiene and the journey of germs!  We hope you enjoy our song!

Germs Everywhere!

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We have designed, planned, constructed and evaluated our lighthouses!  Lots of learning, teamwork and fun!  What do you think of the finished articles.  We are very proud of them!
Our topic this term is "Journeys".  We have just started to learn about Grace Darling and are looking forward to finding out all about the journey she made!  We have found out that she moved, with her family to Longstone Lighthouse, in 1824.  We decided to find out more about Lighthouses in our reading and have been busy designing our own lighthouses and have begun the construction process!  We'll keep you posted as to how we get on!
Well done Year 2!  We have been very busy over the last couple of weeks writing instructions.  We used this to help make an instructional video.  We hope you can follow them - Year 1 have tested them and made some fabulous Santa Faces!

How to Make a Santa Face

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Paper Angel Instructions

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Simple video with instructions of how to make an angel

Christmas Party Fun

We've had lots of fun, played games, danced and had a delicious party lunch.  The highlight of the day was a very special surprise visitor!  He said he'll be back on Sunday night if we're good! 🎅🏻

Environment Days - 23rd - 24th November


This week we had a focus on trees and measuring.  We looked around our school environment at the different types of trees, finding out how many deciduous and evergreen trees we have.  We spent time planting bulbs ready for spring and created posters to encourage people to respect the area we have put the bulbs.

Our learning of how to measure came in handy as we estimated and measured the lengths and height of branches, twigs and whole trees!

We have come up with some great ideas to improve our environment further.... watch out Mr Wallis, letters are coming your way!

As we prepare for Remembrance Day, Year 2 have been thinking about our memories.  We have thought about why we remember things as well as how we remember. Many of us were reminded of fun, happy events.  We have learnt a little about the sacrifices of many people during war and conflict.  We were lucky enough to be able to look at primary sources from soldiers, including medals, uniform and kit.


We have been reading traditional tales with a twist.  We've loved reading "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs" but, our favourite has been "Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk".


As part of our science learning we dissolved jelly cubes and jelly granules, making a liquid.  We left it overnight and saw how the liquid turned into a solid.  We then started on what we thought would be an easy task... to make a "jelly" beanstalk!  


Our 3-D attempts were very poor - it was far more difficult than we thought!  However, we didn't give up. We persevered and created 2-D beanstalks which were then judged by different members of staff.  The judges all chose different winners!  Which one would you choose?

Mud Run Madness!

What a fabulous day we have all had. We have designed, made and worn our boxes to take part in "Barnacre Mud Run 2017".  Lots of learning, skills development and fun to help raise money for a Shelter Box.  Well done everyone!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We have been very busy making a very tasty vegetable soup.  We all tried it and thought it was delicious!

Environment Days

28th & 29th September 2017

We had an extremely busy day outside, developing the environment around the classroom and using materials from our school environment.


We created a new Bug Hotel, using pallets to create a four story structure.  We also learnt to weave with natural materials, using willow cut from our existing dome and snake, we made an arch outside our room.  We also developed our teamwork skills, working together to weave the willow and make willow wreaths.  Keep an eye out later in the year to see how these are used!  Making sure none of the willow went to waste, we had great fun making 'Leaf Monsters'!


The following day was not quite so kind to us in terms of weather! Fortunately we had plenty of follow up work to do!  We used our art skills, experimenting with oil pastels to create a tree of "concentric" circles as well as learning to print "negative images" using leaves.


We found time for some of us to write instructions on how to build a bug hotel,  stories about our Leaf Monsters or riddles about things we had used or made.


We really enjoyed showing our parents what we had achieved - we hope you liked it too!  We can't wait for our next days - 23rd  & 24th November!!


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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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We have been investigating the properties of different materials.  This week we followed instructions, combined different items and created out very own playdough!  We then investigated its properties by rolling, squashing, squeezing, pinching and pressing to see what would happen!  It was great fun!