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School closes at 3.30pm Friday, 25 May & reopens Thursday, 7 June for half term holiday - we hope you enjoy the break!

Working Hard, Trying our Best, Having Fun


Telling the time.

We have been working on telling the time in our maths lessons and discovered we have quite a few children who found this really tricky. Please can we ask parents to help the children in this area by asking them at home to tell the time on a clock, or perhaps ask what time it will be in half an hour's time (for example). It is covered in school as part of the curriculum only a couple of days each half term. It is the sort of skill the children do need to practice more often and buying a watch for the children at this age is a good way to help. It is an important life skill that the children need to have and we will do our best to support them. I will put some links to some useful websites that can help them practice and I thank you for your support. Mrs Mosley

Friday 20th April

We have been trying hard to speed up our recall of our times tables in class. As part of our practice, we have been playing games as well as challenging ourselves in 3 or 5 minute challenges. Homework this week is a 5 minute challenge, so it will only take........5 minutes!!

Try to get as many done as possible in the time. You are getting quicker, so don't worry if you don't get them all done. Click the pdf below should you need another copy of the challenge.

There is a link below to the website with the games on.

Homework for the Easter Holidays

As the children enjoyed the Endangered Species Museum so much, I would like them to complete a mini project for homework.


If they are able to visit a real museum over the holidays, I would like them to do a project on their visit to the museum. What did they see, what did they like, what did they learn about, any drawings, photos etc. 


If they are unable to visit a museum, I would like them to prepare their own mini display section for an orangutan, much like the ones we did in class. It can contain drawings, photos, facts, anything that will tell people why they are endangered.

To be handed in on the first Monday back after Easter.

Have fun!

Mrs Mosley

For homework for Red group for Friday 22nd September, please see Mrs. Mosley if you require another sheet. Many thanks
For homework for Red and Green group for Friday 15th September, please see Mrs. Mosley if you require another sheet. Many thanks